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San Martin Tequila x Soccerex


San Martín de Hidalgo invites you to join us for afternoons of good reads and exceptional cocktails as a member of our SummerTequila Book Club.

For Summer 2023, our featured title is "Mexico City Zócalo: A History of a Constructed Spatial Identity," by Benjamin A. Bross, assistant professor of architecture and urban historian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Bross uses the spatial history of the Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución), Mexico City's main plaza, to explain the rise and evolution of Mexican identities over time. Bross traces how cultural, social, economic, and political forces shaped the Zócalo's spatial identity, and in turn, how the Zócalo shaped and fostered new identities in return.

Summer Sessions 2023

Thursday June 29 - 6-8pm

Thursday July 6 - 6-8pm

Thursday July 13 - 6-8pm

Thursday July 2o - 6-8pm

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When asked if he prefers tequila or mezcal, Bross, a Tapatio from Guadalajara, Jalisco, said, “I am Jaliscience,” adding that he considers himself a purist and prefers white tequila.

Like many Mexicans, he grew up in a home that appreciated tequila. Bross loves tequila and believes that "good tequila is never shot, it is sipped, enjoyed, and slowly vibed.” 

                                –  Style & Polity, 5/2022

 Verano 2023 


San Martín de Hidalgo invites you to join us for afternoons of good reads and exceptional cocktails as a member of our Fall Tequila Book Club.

For Fall 2023, our featured title is "How the Gringos Stole Tequila: The Modern Age of Mexico's Most Traditional Spirit" by Chantal Martineau.

Chantal explores the history of tequila, its introduction to cities outside of Mexico, and its future, with a special focus on substance and tradition.

Fall Sessions 2023

Wednesday September 13 - 6-8pm

Wednesday September 20 - 6-8pm

Wednesday September 27 - 6-8pm

Wednesday October 4 - 6-8pm

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Chantal Martineau

"One of the aspects of How the Gringos Stole Tequila that I most appreciated is the wide ranging discussion of what Mexico IS. In fact, this book is a window into Mexico, a society much more complicated and complex than people in the United States tend to realize. How the outside world views Mexico definitely short-changes the people and the culture, and tequila as well."

                – Ellen Levitt, Style & Polity, 11/2020

 Otoño 2023 


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